The chain that connects the pedal to the wheel

Ganzeer, a recent artist-in-residence at Shangri La, participated in POW! Wow! Hawaii’s week-long art festival this past February.

Ganzeer, meaning bicycle chain in Arabic, is the pseudonym of choice for this dynamic Egyptian artist. To be clear: he is not an author, comic book artist, installation artist, painter, speaker, street artist, or videographer, though he has assumed these roles in a number of places around the world. Rather, he is the chain that connects the pedals to the wheels–the mechanism that allows the bike to move. In the face of Egypt’s consecutive revolutions, he is a connector of ideas, a conduit of the energy generated on the street.

There are several ways you can keep an eye on Ganzeer in the upcoming months:

A special thanks to our interviewer, Maida Besic; our cameraman, Josh Lee; and video editor, Fritz De Guzman. The song in the clip is “More Love” by Rebelution.