Playhouse Pond & Garden

As always, the grounds and maintenance staff at Shangri La continue to address major repair and maintenance needs in the buildings and the landscape.  Most
recently, they have renovated the Playhouse pond and garden.  The pond area was emptied and decommissioned several years ago after heavy rains and the subsequent flooding of the Playhouse, a building modeled on the 17th-century royal pavilion in Isfahan, Iran, called the Chihil Sutun

Following the removal of a few trees to open up the space and let in sun; the addition of new lighting and landscaping; and the installation of a new pump and filter system,
this area is lovely once again.  This project is a very appealing improvement to
the Playhouse, which serves as home to visiting scholars and artists-in-residence
and also as the venue for most programs.

Playhouse pond & garden before work
Playhouse pond & garden after work

Many thanks to Shangri La’s Facilities & Grounds staff for the wonderful job!